About Anthony

A graduate of Humber College’s prestigious Film and Television Production program, Anthony’s experience in Canadian film and new media production is extensive and diverse. From corporate film experience to independent film and new media works, Anthony’s love of film/new media led him to a career in teaching that has been equally and deeply rewarding. With a specialization in Communications Technology and Broad-based Technological Studies, Anthony has been committed to providing students with learning experiences rooted in their voice, creativity, autonomy and the ability to curate and share their work online – ensuring students leverage their the web to build and sustain a positive digital footprint.

With a commitment to professional learning, Anthony has held a number of positions that allowed him to leverage his expertise in digital media and serve adult learning. From 2011 – 2014, Anthony was a Resource Teacher with 21st Century Learning and AICT at the Toronto Catholic District Board. In this role, Anthony worked to support teachers across the TCDSB with the integration of 21st Century teaching and learning strategies and skills with a focus on digital media production, media literacy and the implementation of eLearning. In his resource role, Anthony was the District eLearning Contact for the TCDSB and in extension was the Principal of Continuing Education eClass for a number of years.

With a commitment to student learning and the love of the creative and collaborative creative process, Anthony journeyed back into the classroom where he is now the Department Head of Business and ICT Studies at Chaminade College School – where he teachers Communications Technology through the lens of ensuring that critical media literacy meets authentic modes of digital production.

Anthony also holds a BA in Film Studies (with Distinction) and a Bachelors of Education from Brock University. Anthony has written media / technology curriculum for Niagara University, Queen’s University, OECTA, OPHEA, Nelson Education and other institutions across Canada and has presented at a number of leading educational conferences including, Reading for the Love of It, STAO and Connect.

Follow Anthony on Twitter at @aperrottatweets