Curriculum /Presentations

Anthony has embedded his expertise in film, new media and technology education in the writing of a number of projects along with  presenting on topics such as eLearning, Technology Integration, Media Studies, Student Engagement through 21st Century Learning and Social Media Branding to provide students with real opportunities to ” show what they know” within a 21st Century context.

Selected Writing Projects:

Writer: Ghostbusters and Equity, Media Smarts Media Literacy Week Resource

Lead Writer: The Catholic Filmmaker – Catholic Curriculum Corporation

Writer:  Decoding Horror, Media Smarts Media Literacy Week Resource

Lead Writer: The Catholic Film Reader – Catholic Curriculum Corporation

Lead Writer: The Catholic Digital Learner – Catholic Curriculum Corporation

Co-Writer: Footprints: Catholic Graduate Expectations in the 21st Century – Catholic Curriculum Corporation

Co-Writer: Blending 21C Summer Innovation Project for Teacher PD

Lead Writer: OPHEA Canada Anti-Tobacco and Health Living Curriculum with New Media focus

Co-Writer: Engaging Wired Youth –  A teacher resource focusing on cross curricular project ideas using technology to promote critical thinking and creativity. Curriculum Services Canada

Writer: The Digital Learner : Professional Module Training  – Queen’s Univeristy

Co – Writer: Integration of Computer Technology in the Classroom Specialist AQ – Niagara University

Writer: Media Part 1 AQ –  OECTA

Selected Presentations

2018: OECTA Two-Day Summer Institute: Shoot for the Edit

2017: When Faith Meets Pedagogy – The Catholic Filmmaker

2017: Timmins Northeastern Catholic OECTA PD – createcurateandconnect

2016: Bring it Together 16 (#BIT16) – theresumeisdeadbit

2016: When Faith Meets Pedagogy – the-catholic-film-reader

2016: OECTA Two-Day Summer Institute: Create Curate and Connect

2016: Ontario Teacher Federation Curriculum Form – Empowering Student Voices the Art and Science of Student Documentary Filmmaking

2016: Connect 2016 – Blending 101: From VLe to BrainPOP (Nelson Education)

2016: Reading for the Love of It – The Resume is Dead: Create, Curate, Publish

2015: When Faith Meets Pedagogy – The Catholic Digital Learner

2015: SuON College Teacher Program – Understanding the Digital Learner

2015: Connect 2015 – Engaging Wired Youth

2015: Toronto Catholic Student Success Regionals – Decoding the Male Narrative: Maleness and the Digital Learner

2015: OECTA Provincial Math Conference – The How and Why of Blended eLearning

2015:  Toronto Catholic Student Success Spring Student Success – The Digital Learner

2014: STAO – Forget the Tech and My Choice My Voice (Nelson Education)

2014: Bring it Together 2014 – Introducing D2L Like Never Before

2014: When Faith Meets Pedagogy – 21st Century Skills = Catholic Graduate Expectations

2014: D2L Education Forum – Shared Responsibility in the LMS

2014: OTRK12 Student Voices – Extending the LMS

2014: Connect 2014 The Resume is Dead

2013: Literacy Conference Flyer 2013 – Toronto Catholic District School Board

2013: STAO 2013  (Nelson Education)

2013Connect 2013 Technology Conference

2012: 21st Century Learning Symposium – Toronto Catholic District School Board

2012: Vaughan Movie Series – Vaughan Public Libraries

2012: Think Literacy Conference – Toronto Catholic District School Board

2010: Presenter, Digital Citizenship Conference – Toronto Catholic District School Board

2009 – present: Summer Institutes (Technology based Professonal Development) – Toronto Catholic District School Board

2003 – 2004: Cine-Buffs Student Film Society – Brock University

2003: Talk Cinema – The Institute for Creative Arts