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The Connected Classroom: Transforming Education Through Community Partnership

As I settled into the realities of the COVID pandemic with the “unprecedented” becoming a “new normal,” I did find myself missing the new learning that comes with being creative. As an educator with a film background, I’ve been so … Continue reading

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Not All Kids Are Alright: COVID Schooling, Resiliency and Toxic Positivity

Over the course of the past few years and most certainly during COVID, much has been said and written about resiliency. Just Google search “resilience and COVID” and you will find countless articles from scholars to basement bloggers like me. … Continue reading

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Luca: The Importance of Seeing Fully

More so than any other studio, Pixar has been consistent in its output of family friendly films that don’t shy away from the complex narratives that shape the shared experience of movie goers. From the studio’s first feature Toy Story … Continue reading

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