Teaching and Education Highlights

With a specialization in Communications Technology, Anthony’s diverse academic and professional background in film and new media production has provided him with the opportunity to enrich his classroom teaching with  real world practice. Extending from his experience in the classroom, Anthony’s selected teaching and educational highlights include:

2012 – present: Accreditation Panelist, Ontario College of Teachers

2012 – present: Educational Consultant and New Media Producer, Nelson Publishing

2012 – 2015: Principal of Continuing Education eClass, Toronto Catholic District School Board

2011 – 2014: Resource Teacher for 21st Century Learning and AICT, Toronto Catholic District School Board

2010 – 2011:  Curriculum Writer of “Engaging Wired Youth”, Curriculum Services Canada

2010: Recipient of the Janice Thompson Memorial Grant for At Risk Student Out Reach, Curriculum Services Canada

2008 – 2011: Department Head of Communications Technology and Visual Arts, Toronto Catholic District School Board

2008: Curriculum Writer of Media Part 1, OECTA

Anthony has also presented at a number of conferences across the province. With a specialized background in technology studies, much of Anthony’s leadership work within a 21st century framework focuses on  how to provide students with learning opportunities that harness new media production to express student voice through creative, critical and collaborative practice.