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Coming Soon: The Catholic Film Reader

With sincere thanks to the Catholic Curriculum Corporation for their forward vision to fund a project that speaks to critical literacy through the mediated lens, The Catholic Film Reader will be released later this fall/early winter. The resource looks at popular Hollywood … Continue reading

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It’s Our Story Too: Why Canadian Audiences Must Watch “The Revenant”

The myth of The Revenant is growing. Celebrated for its glorious cinematography and sense of scope along with transforming folklore of a brutal production that placed filmmakers against the elements, the film has deservedly earned a must see reputation. In … Continue reading

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“The Martian” is Ridley Scott’s “Top Gun”

With a focused understanding of the science fiction genre, director Ridley Scott is a master in creating narratives that speak not only the complexity of time and space but more importantly address the layers of the genre itself.  With his … Continue reading

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Media Literacy: The Philosophy of Iron Man

. Ok, I know that the cinematic experience of many has been inundated with comic book flare for the course of the past decade, however, you have to admit that best of the lot (such as The Dark Knight Trilogy … Continue reading

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