Happy 1st Day of School!


It’s the start of another school year and I can’t believe that it’s been 13 years since I walked into my first classroom as a permanent teacher. The pre-day butterflies I had then have persisted each and every year and I’m so happy for that. These pre-day jitters reinforce the excitement to both serve and learn with my students. In the 13 years since I walked into my first classroom (period 1 Gr. 10 College English) I’ve never wavered in my commitment to providing students with what I hope is a fulfilling experience; challenging them to evolve as critical and creative thinkers who can leverage the power of communications technology to empower their voice and connect with a world outside of their classroom. The journey, regardless of the time passed, is always thrilling and one grounded in constant change.

As I begin this new school year and after so many years of classroom instruction and leading adult learning, I’m thrilled to share my new learning journey with my students. As they begin a new chapter today, I too begin a journey that reinforces my commitment to life-long learning. I’m thrilled to be a Queen’s University Graduate Student in the Professional Masters of Education program with a focus on media literacy. This new chapter is strictly about the love of learning. It’s not about “climbing” the district ladder or looking for a life outside the classroom, but rather my yearning to be a student again. As a teacher I find that my own learning is essential in ensuring my students’ experience is timely and relevant. As such, this experience will serve me and the students I teach; a great investment on so many levels.

Although I have a specialization in Communications Technology and Film Studies and have extensive experience is producing and teaching media, it was personally pressing to continue in my own studies – to be challenged and to be provoked within an academic framework that will nurture and evolve my teaching practice. As such, I very much look forward to the next two years of learning; to collaborate with colleagues and to be challenged in my life-long learning journey.

As this new school year begins, let’s remember that schooling is empowerment; the more we learn the more empowered we are and become. As the this new school year begins, I feel incredibly empowered and hope that that my students have an experience that gives them everything they need and more.

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