Stay at Home Watch List: Week One

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If you’re like me, then most likely your brain is hurting from world reality being consumed on social media. From your typical Twitter hysterics to the pressing realities being shared by actual experts in the medical field, the time of today is to listen and truly be cognizant of our shared responsibility for one another. This means, staying in and sacrificing a bit of one’s liberty and freedom to ensure that our communities are safe.

I know I say this from a place of privilege as I’m fortunate to be an Ontario educator as is my wife. As such, being home with our two elementary school aged children comes with little sacrifice. We’re getting paid, we don’t need child care and we’re able to navigate the next weeks without extra anxieties.

Yes, we’re terribly worried about our kids, our elderly parents, nieces, nephews, siblings, friends and colleagues. We’re worried about those we see each weekend working in our local grocery store and neighbours who are ill. It’s with this worry, that we’re committed to scarfing our wants to be “out and about” with social distancing. Going to the local mall or movie theatre at this time isn’t responsible. It’s potentially putting those who work in those places of business at risk and so many others.

So, as we all await next steps from our government leaders, thankfully, streaming can help us stay at home with a bit more calm and distraction from the twenty-four hour news cycles and trending social media feeds about the apocalypse.

So, with an overt awareness that bigger issues are shaping our urgent collective reality, the following “the kids are in bed” watch list is an attempt to find solace in the time indoors. The malls will still be there as will the movie theatres when the crisis over.

Let’s do our part to keep our communities safe. Take care of yourself, families and others.

Monday March 16: Booksmart (Amazon Prime)

Tuesday March 17: Jo Jo Rabbit (Google Play Movies)

Wednesday March 18: Rocketman (Amazon Prime)

Thursday March 19: The Farewell (Amazon Prime)

Friday March 20: Joker (Google Play Movies) and Child’s Play (Amazon Prime)

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