Stay at Home Watch List: Week 2

Week 2

Well, it’s Wednesday but I suppose it’s never too late to share a great catalogue of weekly movies. With the reality of COVID-19 becoming more pressing each day, it almost seems that staying at home will never end. Regardless, being at home is the way we can all serve the common good and these films can help pass the time.

Last week’s collection of films were for hours spent after the kids were in bed. This week’s title are more family friendly (although my sensibilities are a bit liberal) and I have already enjoyed and look forward to viewing.

Monday March 23: The Invisible Man ($19.99 for Rent on Google Play)

Yes, I watched the this R-rated Blumhouse picture with my 9 and 6 year old kiddos. Thus, please do feel free to judge. However, since horror is my guilty pleasure, they’ve been raised on an assortment of horror classics. From Night of the Living Dead (1968) to Scream (1996), my wife has not been too pleased with my liberal screening sensibilities. With all of this, The Invisible Man (fresh from theatres) is not to be missed. The official launch to Blumhouse’s re-telling of Universal Classics is how horror should be done. So, forget the disaster of The Mummy from a couple of years ago and enjoy this frightful tale.

Tuesday March 24: Crawl (Amazon Prime)

A sleeper thriller from producer Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spider-Man), Crawl, was released in theatres to critical praise last Spring. Masterfully produced, this “Anaconda at home” thriller provides for a great time with a bowl of popcorn.

Wednesday March 25: Deep Impact (Amazon Prime)

Released in the summer of the asteroid (along with Armageddon), Deep Impact is arguably the stronger of the two pictures. Perhaps a bit unsettling to watch during a pandemic, this tale of the world coming to an end due to an catastrophic asteroid makes for great conversation about the importance of family and what is truly important in life. In 90s fashion, it’s cheesy as hell but makes for a fun night at home with the family.

Thursday March 26: Onward ($24.99 for rent on Google Play)

Fresh from theatres in response to the Covid-19 crisis, this Pixar film has been yearning for an audience. With solid critical response, anything Pixar provides for a great night at the movies for children and adults alike. For those who subscribe to Disney +, Onward will be on the platform on April 3.

Friday March 27: A Jumanji Marathon (Jumanji and Welcome to the Jungle, Netflix & The Next Level for rent on Google Play)

The Jumanji franchise most certainly provides for a wonderful binge. Combining the Robin Williams 90s gem with the new rendition of the franchise with Dwayne Johnson, all three Jumanji films are for adults and children alike. Must watch pandemic titles.






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