Register Now: A Media Literacy Week Conversation

Media Smarts’ National Media Literacy Week is soon approaching and promises an exciting opportunity for educators in Canada and beyond to learn, unlearn and relearn as it pertains to all-things media literacy.

Recognizing that educators and students are navigating a complex space of consumption and production, it’s critical to continuously reframe as it pertains to media literacy. As an educator with a diverse media literacy and digital technology background, I’m constantly reflecting on how to best evolve my practice so that all educational partners can actively engage in what is a vast (and at times scary) digital media landscape.

As an educator of nearly eighteen-years, I’ve attempted to champion digital media through a positive and responsive lens. From video production that brings to life personal story to digital portfolio design that allows students to “show what they know,” my work looks to a creating and embracing the “good” that production allows and that online culture can help further evolve.

However, as a secondary school Vice Principal and parent of a daughter entering “tweendom,” the dystopia of social media cannot be ignored. More now than ever, a collective effort is needed to educate and empower students to be their best in-person and online. We need to actively support and promote social and emotional learning that will allow educators and students to be their very best. This mission is not impossible but will take real and purposeful action.

As such, let’s come together for a critical conversation about teaching and leading in the social media dystopia.

Register for Connected Teaching and Leading in the Social Media Dystopia

When: Tuesday October 25th from 4:00pm – 4:45pm via Zoom.

Join the conversation: Click here to Register

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