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Join me for a Conversation with Dr. Marlyn Morris on Thursday May 7 from 7:30pm – 8:30pm

As over 70 million children around the world continue to be out of school, it’s important to recognize that this time of COVID-19 remote learning is not business as usual for all educational stakeholders. It’s not business as usual for our politicians, policy makers, system leaders, school administrators, classroom teachers and of course students and their families.

As our global community comes together, it’s urgent to recognize that not we are not all the same. This is to say that although “we’re all in this together,” every individual encounters this shared new reality through an individualized and personalized experience.  Importantly, in regards to our students, each learner comes to COVID-19 remote learning with their own unique personal and family narrative that will shape their potential success during this critical and unprecedented time. 

As educators navigate this unique time, what it means to be a culturally responsive teacher and learner is a worthwhile conversation to engage in. As such, with the support of Dr. Marlyn Morris, this webinar will provide teachers with an opportunity to reflect on key thinking to ensure that this COVID-19 reality is one that moves beyond “content,” and speaks to the mindfulness needed to ensure that distance learning is a human experience with the child in focus. 

For a window into Dr. Morris’ thinking, please watch the video below:

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Special Note: The video of Dr. Morris shared above was produced by and for OECTA. This webinar conversation is not being held in association with OECTA. 

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