It’s That Time of Year…

Media Smarts’ annual Media Literacy Week is just around the corner.

Taking place Monday October 25 to Saturday October 30, Media Literacy Week provides educators with an intentional opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn as it pertains to media literacy in the classroom and beyond.

I’ve been fortunate to be an active contributor to Media Literacy Week for the past few years. From classroom resources pertaining to reading film through a cultural lens to finding the truth in Deep Fake videos, the opportunity to share is humbling and liberating in that it allows me to reflect on my own experience and prompts new learning by connecting with others.

Now in my 16th year of teaching and with an extensive educational background which includes film criticism, film making, digital media production, technology integration and more, I’ve always been grounded in media literacy as enabler of story telling. This is to say that any modality can allow for story to be shared while recognizing that media literacy is multifaceted and urgent.

Thus, story matters in that it allows for sharing, connection and authentic opportunities to learn about ourselves and others. It’s through story that students and educators can be seen fully. Story shapes relationships and creates the mindset to engage as responsible and responsive citizens.

I know this even more now as a Vice Principal, who thrives to stay connected to storytelling through nurturing school cultures where creating, curating and connecting is mobilized to enrich and celebrate successes and next steps. Schools are full of stories that need to be shared.

This brings me to this year’s Media Literacy Week where I will be hosting a live virtual presentation entitled: Digital Portfolios & the Power of Story.

Please join me for what will be an hour of authentic sharing, where I will provide a classroom and school ready approach to storytelling through digital portfolio design. See below for more details:

Digital Portfolios & The Power of Story:

In this Media Literacy Week workshop, educator Anthony Perrotta shares his passion for storytelling, through the creation of multi-modal enriched digital portfolios that highlight and mobilize student voice. 

With an extensive and diverse media literacy and tech-ed background, Anthony speaks to his understanding of portfolios as an enabler of “connected learning” that can deeply enrich the experience of both students and educators alike. 

This workshop will provide participants with a classroom / school ready approach to creating, curating and connecting with purpose and relevancy. Equally, this workshop speaks to Anthony’s commitment  to nurturing students to be creative, innovative and, self-directed learners who are able to share their story all while being responsive to others as global citizens.

Workshop Date: Wednesday October 27th – 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Register here: Digital Portfolios & The Power of Story

I hope to see you on Wednesday October 27th.

Below you will find my previous Media Literacy Week contributions:

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