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Wicked World: A Parents Guide to Watching Descendants 2

If you’re like me and have children under the age of 13 , then I’m certain you know the lyrics of Wicked World or Chill’in like a Villian , songs from Disney’s Descendants and Descendants 2 that may vibrate from … Continue reading

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Trump and the classroom lesson.

We’re living history. With the morally dysfunctional Donald Trump igniting a reform in societal political awareness, there is something great coming out from the ashes of his contempt. Rebellion. People are rebelling. From the Women’s March to the universal decrying … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Vincenzo Natali

Today in my Gr. 11 Communications Technology course, we had the distinct pleasure to welcome, celebrated director Vincenzo Natali, who join and enriched the learning via Skype. With genuine warmth, he reflected on a variety of topics. From the rise … Continue reading

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Digital Skills in Action.

Since becoming a Communications Technology teacher nearly 12 years ago, I never believed that the curriculum was about ‘making’ animators, designers, filmmakers, broadcasters etc. Before 21st century learning became the rage, I facilitated my subject area through the framework of “transferable … Continue reading

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Targeted Skills Development Matters

As a high school teacher, I can openly assert that much of the conversation around assessment is grounded in a post-secondary conversation. The culture of assessment in high school, for the most part, is still focused on a self-proclaimed awareness … Continue reading

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Why I take my Kids to the Movies.

Imagine this scene: A five year old girl and her soon to be three year old little brother argue outside of a movie multiplex. The brother argues that Alice can’t be a ship Captain because she’s a girl. The sister … Continue reading

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Do you watch Canadian film? You should.

Last week I was schooled by award winning Canadian director Jerry Ciccoritti. If you teach film / media or proclaim yourself a cinephile then Jerry Ciccoritti is a name you should know and recognize. If not his name, you surely recognize his diverse and … Continue reading

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